conformable [adj] appropriate; matching adapted, agreeable, alike, amenable, applicable, assorted, comparable, compliant, consistent, docile, fitted, fitting, harmonious, in agreement, like, matched, obedient, orderly, proper, regular, resembling, similar, submissive, suitable, suited, tractable, unified, useable, well-regulated; concepts 487,558,563,573 —Ant. inappropriate, mismatched, nonconforming

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  • Conformable — Con*form a*ble, a. 1. Corresponding in form, character, opinions, etc.; similar; like; consistent; proper or suitable; usually followed by to. [1913 Webster] The fragments of Sappho give us a taste of her way of writing perfectly conformable with …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • conformable — index appropriate, commensurable, concerted, concordant, congruous, consistent, consonant, conventional …   Law dictionary

  • conformable — 1510s, from CONFORM (Cf. conform) + ABLE (Cf. able) …   Etymology dictionary

  • conformable — [kən fôr′mə bəl] adj. [ME] 1. that conforms; specif., a) similar b) in harmony or agreement c) adapted; suited 2. quick to conform; obedient; compliant 3. Geol. uninterruptedly parallel: said of sedimentary strata that …   English World dictionary

  • conformable — adjective Date: 15th century 1. corresponding or consistent in form or character < conduct conformable to their principles > 2. submissive, compliant < be patient and conformable to my directions Sir Walter Scott > 3 …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • conformable — /keuhn fawr meuh beuhl/, adj. 1. corresponding in form, nature, or character; similar. 2. compliant; obedient; submissive: a conformable disposition. 3. Geol. of or pertaining to an unbroken sequence of strata or beds, characteristic of… …   Universalium

  • conformable to — 1》 disposed or accustomed to conform. → conformable …   English new terms dictionary

  • conformable — adjective (usu. conformable to) 1》 disposed or accustomed to conform. 2》 similar in nature; consistent. 3》 Geology (of strata) deposited in a continuous sequence, and having the same direction of stratification. Derivatives conformability noun… …   English new terms dictionary

  • conformable — /kənˈfɔməbəl/ (say kuhn fawmuhbuhl) adjective 1. corresponding in form or character; similar. 2. exhibiting agreement or harmony: conformable to the new design. 3. compliant, acquiescent, or submissive. 4. Geology (of strata or beds) having the… …   Australian English dictionary

  • conformable — adjective Having the same shape, very similar. Syn: similar, alike, suitable, corresponding …   Wiktionary

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